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Woori Financial Group offers deposits, loans, cards, funds, insurances, foreign exchange, and trading finance products and services to its customers through the internet as well as over 1,300 branches of Woori Bank, Kwangju Bank, and Kyungnam Bank.

Woori Bank provide differentiated financial products and services to Korea’s leading huge companies, small and medium sized enterprises and private customers through its over 1,000 service network in the nation. Furthermore, the bank also offers international financial services to customers who travel or work abroad through its global network.

Kwangju Bank and Kyungnam Bank are premier class local banks that cover Jeollanam-do including Gwangju and Gyeongsangnam-do including Changwon, respectively. They provide region-based distinctive financial services which cannot be offered by mega-banks.

Woori Financial Group offers brokerage services, sells a variety of financial products and provides asset management and investment banking services through over 120 branches and the website of Woori Investment & Securities.

Woori Investment & Securities, as Korea’s leading Securities Company, is committed to taking customer value top priority by adopting the right management as its corporate philosophy.

Woori Financial Group, through Woori Credit Card, provides customers with differentiated credit card products for convenient life style as well as diverse financial and life-support services. Woori Credit Card pursues becoming a sound and rational partner for customers' life.

Woori Financial Group provides insurance and specialized financial plan services meeting customers’ needs through a wide range of the network of Woori Aviva Life Insurance.

Woori Aviva Life Insurance pursues to be a superior life insurance company that provides specialized financial services to customers.

Woori Financial Group is committed to offering stable and high profitable asset management and investment consultation services to customers through qualified asset management system of Woori Asset Management.

Woori Asset Management aims to grow into a leading asset management company most favored by its customers.

Woori Financial Group offers various small-loan financing services in the areas of loan and depository through Woori Financial Savings Bank to promote financial convenience for people and SMEs.

Woori Financial Group is engaged in investment business such as dealing with bad-debts and corporate restructuring through Woori F&I. Woori F&I is committed to investing in promising companies with high growth potential and revitalizing the management of invested companies.