CEO Message

"We will become Woori Financial Group, which is highly trusted by customers, shareholders, markets and every employees."

This is Jong-Yong Yim, the chairman of Woori Financial Group. First of all, I would like to sincerely thank customers and shareholders who always love Woori Financial Group containing all hearts of executives and employees. I have been provided a great calling as the chairman at a crucial time when Woori Financial Group will open a new future, which makes me feel a great sense of responsibility. I want to lead the group as follows: First, we will be a trusted Woori Finance Group. To this end, we will have solid risk management capabilities at the group level and establish a thorough internal control system. Second, we will be rapidly innovative Woori Financial Group. We will accelerate innovation with a creative attitude and boldly widen its scope, creating a path that finance has never experienced before. Third, we will be a competitive Woori Financial Group. We will maximize the corporate value of the Group for the holding company by maximizing business efficiency by focusing on strategy, while for subsidiaries by increasing productivity with a focus on sales. Fourth, we will be Woori Financial Group, which provides strength to the people. We will function as an unblocked vein throughout the economy by actively supporting companies with growth potential, the vulnerable, and the financially isolated. We ask you to continuously watch Woori Financial Group make a new history in Korean finance and give us a lot of support and encouragement.

We wish all our customers and shareholders to be healthy and full of happiness at all times.

Thank you.

CEO & Chairman of Woori Financial Group
Jong-Yong Yim