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Woori Financial Group offer a variety of financial services to customers.

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Woori Bank

The lifelong partner bank loved by customers and shareholders

Woori Bank was the first Korean bank to be established in 1899 with national capital for the purpose of "facilitating the flow of funds and contributing to the development of the national economy." Woori Bank has prospered along with the development of the Korean economy to serve as a solid backbone for the Korean financial industry.
Based upon the love of our customers, Woori Bank will continue to provide financial services that help customers, shareholders, and all of society to build a future of happiness, and to undertake our social responsibility as a lifelong, reliable financial partner.

Woori Card

Taking the Lead through Internal Stability

Woori Card will always be an encouragement for our customers. Woori Card values our customers most, and all of our employees are doing their best to be the companions that go forward together with our customers.
The eyes and heart of Woori Card are always open to our customers. The employees of Woori Card will return our customers’ love with useful products and convenient services so that they can experience the best value in every moment.

We will be the credit card company that leads change. Woori Card will surely become the financial company that swiftly adapts to the fast changing digital environment and offer new, differentiated benefits to our customers.

Woori Financial Capital

A specialized credit finance company, providing top financial services

Founded in 1994 and included as a subsidiary of Woori Financial Group in 2020, Aju Capital, a specialized credit finance company, has been providing vast range of products and services including auto loans, consumer loans and corporate loans, etc. Going forward, Aju Capital aims to deliver long-term value to customers, shareholders and communities by providing high quality financial products and services based on industry-leading risk management system and innovation.

Woori Investment Bank

The Top Investment Bank, Providing Total Financial Services

Woori Investment Bank is the one and only total financial subsidiary of Woori Bank, representing the nation’s traditional banking services.
Woori Investment Bank is committed to being a faithful asset management partner by providing upgraded products and services to clients, using diversified licenses, credit ratings, and the network of Woori Financial Group. Woori Investment Bank promises to put in all efforts as a companion to achieve an abundant future for our customers.

Woori Asset Trust

One-stop Real Estate Finance Service Provider, enhancing customers’ value.

Since November 2007, Woori Asset Trust has been a reliable partner in real estate-related business areas, providing real estate finance services. With a vast range of Woori Financial Group’s domestic and global networks, and leveled-up digital competitiveness, Woori Asset Trust envisions to create synergies within the group and aims to become a leading real estate trust company that will satisfy all of our customers’ expectations.

Woori Savings Bank

No.1 Savings bank with customers

Since commencing operations in 1972, Aju savings bank has been a lifetime financial partner to individual customers and companies. As a subsidiary of Woori Financial Group, Aju savings bank strives to become a reliable financial company going forward, and make people’s financial lives better and commit to the local communities by offering best financial products and services.

Woori Financial F&I

An NPL investment specialist, at the forefront of the nation’s non-performing loan market

Newly established in 2022, Woori Financial F&I Inc. is a subsidiary of Woori Financial Group that specializes in non-performing loan investments.
With its outstanding investment-focused workforce and expertise, Woori Financial F&I Inc. helps enhance the prudential soundness of financial institutions and provides support for corporate financial rehabilitation by managing the corporate restructuring process.
Moving forward, Woori Financial F&I Inc. has its sights set on becoming Korea’s leader in the NPL investment market.

Woori Asset Management

Asset Manager Creating Long-Term Value for Investors

Founded in 2000, Woori Asset Management, a subsidiary of Woori Financial Group, aims to serve the needs of investors through a broad range of products and services that cover equity, fixed income, multi-asset as well as alternative investment opportunities in both the domestic and overseas markets. The company is uniquely positioned to provide financial products and investment solutions that meet investors' financial objectives by utilizing the core competencies of Woori Financial Group's vast network.

Woori Credit Information

The Best Companion to Accomplish a Credit Society

The nation’s first credit information company that leads the market with a long history and expertise!
Woori Credit Information is the first domestic company to specialize in credit information, debt collection, and lease investigation, and was established in 1991 with full investment by Woori Bank. The company acquired the A+ rating from the Enterprise Credit Rating, winning shareholders’ confidence.
Moreover, the company embraces various social contribution activities such as the 1 Company 1 Village Country Love initiative, social welfare, and environment protection.
Being a strong financial partner to creditors and a supportive partner to debtors for credit recovery, Woori Credit Information will be stepping stones for them and the best partner to accomplish a credit society.

Woori Fund Services

Accomplish Trust of 200 Trillion KRW in 2020

We will continue to serve and impress our customers, who are the most valuable to us, for the next hundred years.
Woori Fund Services provides various administration services including fund accounting and reference price computation for collective investment vehicles and general administration for real estate investment trusts.
As an affiliate of Woori Financial Group, Woori Fund Services successfully completed the development of “FundOne”, a next generation administration system, in August of 2014, and has exerted ongoing efforts to develop systems and talent to provide better services.

Woori Private Equity Asset Management

PE Management Company, Leading Advanced Finance with Competitiveness

Established in October 2005 to develop a company specializing in private equity fund management representing Korea, by registering with the collective investment of private equity funds it added the business of managing hedge funds to the existing business of managing private equity funds.

Woori Global Asset Management

A True Global Asset Manager in Global and Alternative Investment

With the in-depth knowledge in global investment and well-structured risk management system, Woori Global Asset Management provides optimized investment solution to meet investors’ various needs. The Company will continue to be a true global asset manager in global and alternative investment that covers equity, fixed income, infrastructure and real estate, etc.

Woori FIS

2020 Global Finance ICT Partner

As a comprehensive financial services ICT company, Woori FIS is able to provide One-Stop services from development planning to execution, based on expertise and hands-on experience derived from numerous projects working with banking, credit card, fund, insurance, and other related companies.

Woori FIS is the first South Korean company to successfully implement a total IT outsourcing model from development to IT infrastructure management. By acquiring three major international qualities of development, management, and security, our excellent ICT management system was internationally renowned.
Based on these strengths, Woori FIS is leading the innovation of customer business value by supporting stable global services to over 300 foreign branches in the U.S., China, and others and playing key roles in building the WiBee Bank and K Bank systems in the FinTech wave.

Woori Finance Research Institute

The Insight Provider of Woori Financial Group,
The Opinion Leader of the Korean Financial Industry,
The Think Tank Leading the Global Financial Industry!

As the think tank of Woori Financial Group, Woori Finance Research Institute supports the decision-making of executives and consults development strategies for affiliates, seeking balanced development of the group’s industry portfolio. As the opinion leader and a specialized research institute leading financial industries both at home and abroad, we also share our research results through various types of reports, seminars, and press releases.