Chief Executive Director(President)

Jong-Yong Yim

Woori Financial Group Chairman & CEO

  • B.A in Economics, Yonsei University
  • M.A. in Economics, University of Oregon
  • Senior Secretary to the President for Economic Affairs
  • Deputy Minister, Prime Minister’s Office
  • Chairman & CEO, NongHyup Financial Group
  • Chairman, Financial Services Commission

Independent Director


Chan-Hyung Chung

  • Business Administration, Korea University
  • Master of Finance, Korea University Business School
  • Senior Vice President, Management Planning Office, Korea Investment & Securities
  • CEO and President, Korea Investment Management Co., Ltd.
  • CEO, POSCO Venture Capital Co., Ltd.

In-Sub Yoon

  • Applied Statistics, Yonsei University
  • Master of Accounting, Yonsei University Business School
  • CEO and President, Korea ING Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • CEO and President, Hana HSBC Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • General Representative Director, Korea Ratings
  • Chairman of the Board of Fubon Hyundai Life Insurance

Su-Young Yun

  • Economics, Seoul National University
  • Master of Economics, Seoul National University
  • Head of Management Planning Office, and General Senior Vicepresident of Sales Support Division and Asset Management Division, Kiwoom Securities Co., Ltd.
  • CEO, Kiwoom Asset Management
  • Senior Executive Vice President, Kiwoom Securities Co., Ltd.

Yo-Hwan Shin

  • Business Administration, Korea University
  • Master of Science in Financial Engineering, Illinois State University
  • Head of Retail Sales Division, Shinyoung Securities
  • General Management Executive, Shinyoung Securities
  • CEO, Shinyoung Securities

Sung-Bae Ji

  • Business Administration, Seoul National University
  • Master of Business Administration, Seoul National University Business School
  • Samil Accounting Firm
  • CEO, IMM Co., Ltd.
  • 14th Chairman of Korea Venture Capital Association
  • Current CEO, IMM Investment

Soo-Young Song

Current Partner Attorney, Shin & Kim LLC

  • French Language and Literature, Business Administration, and Law, Seoul National University
  • Executive MBA, Seoul National University Business School
  • Advisory Lawyer, Creative Economy Innovation Center, Ministry of Justice
  • Member of Steering Committee for ESG Support Projects for Partners, Korea Commission for Corporate Partnership

Committees inside BoD

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Section Member Name Board of Directors Board Officer Candidate
Recommendation Committee
Board Audit Committee Board Risk
Management Committee
Board Compensation Committee Board Group CEO Candidate
Recommendation Committee
Board ESG
Management Committee
Independent Director
Chan-Hyung Chung (Chairman of Board of Directors)  
In-Sub Yoon   (Chairman)
Su-Young Yun (Chairman)
Yo-Hwan Shin   (Chairman)
Sung-Bae Ji (Chairman)    
Soo-Young Song     (Chairman)
Standing Director
Chief Executive Director         (Chairman)
Current Members 7 6 4 3 4 7 7