ESG Evaluation

Evaluation Agency Year Integrated Grade Environment Social Governance  
(Korea Corporate Governance Service)
2020 B+ B+ B+ B+ The first Evaluation
after establishment

Subscription to Global Initiatives

Initiatives Content Participation date
- As the world's largest, voluntary private-sector initiative that encourages companies to participate in sustainable management, UNGC promotes the implementation of ten principles across the four key areas of human rights, labor regulations, environment, and anti-corruption. 2006.3
- The only global partnership between UNEP and the international financial sector, around 300 of the world's largest financial institutions participate in this initiative. 2019.11
- An international framework defining the roles and responsibilities of the financial industry, with respect to implementing the Paris Climate Agreement and UN SDGs, by expanding its positive impact on society and the environment and mitigating negative factors. 
※ PRB Reporting and Self Assessment Template 
- A environment-related initiative that recommends companies to integrate climate change risks into their non-financial reporting. 2021.1
- A global environmental sector initiative and assesment agency, CDP promotes the system-atization and implemention of environmental mamagement by facilitating the disclosure of information relating to companies' climate change responses. 2021.2
- An agreement among financial Institutions not to finance large development projects that can harm the environment or violate human rights. 2021.8
- A global partnership of financial institutions to develop an approach to assess and disclose the greenhouse gas emmissions linked to loans and investments. 2021.8
Science Based Targets initiative
- The Science Based Targets Initiative is an global initiative involving more than 1,800 companies around the world, providing professional guidelines and methodologies for companies to set GHG emission reduction goals in accordance with the Paris Climate Change Convention goals.
Business Ambition for 1.5°C
- A global campaign to limit the increase in earth average temperature to less than 1.5℃ compared to before industrialization and actively respond to the Paris Climate Change Convention.
- A UN-led campaign in cooperation with businesses, cities, regions, investors, finance and educational institutions to urge active climate behavior of actors around the world to achieve the global climate goal of zero carbon emissions by 2050.
"The SBTi Business Ambition for 1.5℃ is an official partner of the Race to Zero"